What We’re Doing

Ministry on the Streets

The foundation for our ministry is the one on one ministry to the street boys each week. Pastor Tonny who leads the Street Kid Ministry visits with the boys three days a week in the many different parts of the city where different groups of boys call home. This interaction allows the boys to experience God’s love in a very personal way and builds trust with Tonny and the ministry. Because Tonny and the boys are on a first name basis, he can immediately recognize kids who are new to the streets and take immediate action to help get the child back to his extended family.

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Sunday Worship and Feeding

This program that has been in place for several years is designed to provide both food for the body and the soul. Each Saturday volunteers prepare large pots of rice, ugali, and on occasion, vegetables or chicken. Early on Sunday the food to moved to the meeting site along with water, cups and plastic plates. The boys arrive early for a time of fellowship before worship begins. A message focusing on the love of God and the saving grace of Jesus, along with joyous singing leads up to the anxiously awaited hot meal. Following the meal, boys with wounds or illnesses are provided with medicines as funds permit. The distribution of bars of soap has recently been added to the Sunday program. The spiritual food shared each Sunday is providing hope to many who had lost all hope long ago. The look of no hope in the eyes of a child is heart breaking and unforgettable.

Over the several years this program has been in place, the location has been moved many times because the boys are looked down upon in many areas of town. The meetings are currently held in a government building that was available for rent on Sunday.

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City Dump Fellowships

Walking or driving by the large city dump you immediately see a cloud of smoke hanging over the acres of garbage, and many boys and young men scavenging through the hundred’s of tons of filth. What started as a curious visit has now become fellowship meetings on Monday and Friday.

The boys and young men who work here (searching for scrap which can be sold), eat here (after finding something eatable in the midst of rot), and sleeping here (using scraps to build tents and lean-to’s) are also extremely hungry for the message of hope. Several boys have accepted Christ as their Savior and have shared their personal testimony with others during the fellowship gatherings led by Pastor Tonny.

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